That sensation of anxiety in the chest

is asking you to stop.


Better make a pause now.


Check your breath. 


How are you breathing?

Did you know that the way you breathe

directly impacts your health, 

determines how calm is your mind,

how long you will live

and how emotionally happy and fulfilled you can feel?


It determines how lonely you perceive yourself to be,

or how connected with all there is you really are.


Breathing has an impact on your emotions,

mind, body, and energy levels.

To have an optimal breathing

daily practice is major for us women

specially in times of transition

like corona that implies

homeschooling, home office, isolation, uncertainty.


Regularly our hormonal system is changing throughout the month

creating moods shifts, inflammation,

mind fogginess, body pain and more.


It gets worse the more stressful your life is

like in the case of a pandemic.  


I have found breathwork to be a outstanding tool

to navigate the constant changes and challenges.


For more than 10 years I have been 

supporting women with breathwork during

the many changes they go through in a lifetime.

They learn to breathe optimally,

to clear their mind,

use their life force to turn crisis and abrupt changes

into real opportunities.

They grow confidence, transcend their limitations,

and find their inner truth and power,

all anchoring in their breath that is their vital force.


It's quite amazing what you can create

when you understand and know how to work

with your breath.

We will be gathering to breathe together, because...


Together is easier and much more fun.


Join us in the Women's Breathing Hub -ONLINE-.


In this session we will...

❁ Learn how to use your breathing power in times of transition. 

❁ Check your levels of stress with a breathing test; correct your breathing pattern and learn to breathe optimally; This will help you specially during your menstrual cycle or if you are in peri-menopause.

❁ Use the breath to work on intense emotions to have emotional breakthroughs when you need them. 

❁ Learn to deeply relax the body, release its tensions and recharge it with new vital energy so your body can start recovering and you can regain youth and feel refreshed.

❁ Help your body produce massive amounts of happy hormones that will naturally produce physical and emotional recovery, bring you inner calm and a feeling of connection and self love. 

❁ Learn breathing and mindset tools to find calm in moments of high picks of anxiety. 

The real change starts within... in the breath... Join us. 


Value 25 €  - Bring a friend for free signing up before Friday 27th.

"After each breathing hub I have clarity, I am released from stress, have been deeply reset and energy is restored. Because Rakel is such a conscious being, it is easier to reach a higher level of consciousness in her presence. It is amazing that she is helping us to better understand our uniqueness as women. Each circle has its own unique take away. Thank you for continuing to offer the hub. It has meant so much for my well being this past year!"

Leah Flanagan

Effects of  breathwork in your system...

In the first part of the session we will be checking the mechanics of an optimal breathing pattern and training with a few breathing tools. In the second part the main tool we will be using is the Pranayama Yoga Breathwork. At a physical level this style of breath gives you a big boost of oxygen into the bloodstream. That oxygen will go up to your head and help the hypothalamus gland release endorphins. When this happens your whole body starts to vibrate, and at the end of the process you feel refreshed and revitalised. At an energetic level the healing is deep. You get flowing any emotional energy that is blocked. Our body lodges emotional energy stuck in different places product of our interactions with others. This stuck energy expresses itself in our life through our emotional patterns and beliefs – “I’m not good enough”, “I’m too old for that”, “I’m not loveable”, “I’m lost”, “I’m alone” –  and gets more solid and rigid through the repetition of these thoughts and beliefs.

We can be aware that these beliefs and habits exist, that we are repeating them over and over again every day, but we still don’t have the energy we require to change the patterns. So we talk about how it should be, we have insights, but it’s often hard to move out of these patterns. Our energy is sort of stuck in their repetition. The Pranayama Yoga Breathwork moves you out of these patterns because it works directly with your energy. It puts your energy into flow and when that happens your perception of your life is from a new perspective – an open hearted perspective – and no longer through your patterns of thought. You feel one with all that is, and reconnect with your essence. Freeing the energy stuck through the repetition of thoughts and patterns can be a very liberating experience. Its what we call, deep transformation.

To join the session you only require...

Computer with good internet connection.


❁ Space to be in silence, not interrupted by anyone, not even your pets.

❁ Yoga mat or blanket and warm clothes. 

❁ An opened mind and heart.

Once you sign up you will be receiving your access code and link for the session.


Value 25 €  - Bring a friend for free signing up before Friday 27th.

 Upcoming Sessions in 2021

May 9th from 17h to 19h. Register here.

May 30th from 17h to 19h. Register here.

July 25th from 17h to 18h. Register here.

August 29th from 17h to 18h. Register here.

September 26th from 17h to 19h. Register here.

October 31st from 17h to 19h. Register here.

November 28th from 17h to 19h. Register here.

"I was very impressed with the experience I had in our breathing session: I had a very strong experience, somehow unique. It transformed something in me deeply. Thank you again!!"

Giulia Moiraghi

And yes, I confess, I have been stressed to hell. Multiplied by 100...

Not so long ago my life was a stressful roller coaster...I was working as a journalist for a radio organization in Paris, reporting from conflict zones including The Gaza Strip. I often felt in danger. The stress accumulated from interviewing those suffering. As a journalist, I seemed to constantly be in a hurry, racing against the clock. I was an adrenaline junky.

Ten years into the job I got married and  soon got pregnant. In the second month of pregnancy I was diagnosed with a painful fibroid that according to the doctor was supposed to grow as big as the size of the baby, keep me in bed the whole pregnancy and impose a cesarian. But I took the decision to turn things around and using all the breathing and meditations techniques that I had learned in my youth I created a system that not only helped me have a healthy normal pregnancy but also a natural birth. The doctor was quite impressed. Me too. I realised how huge was the power of our mind, our energy and our body.

I invested time on learning the science and art of relaxing the body, mind and emotions and tapping into its potential. I felt the need to share with other women my findings, so they could take advantage of their hidden capacities. That's what moves my work.

Gaza strip Rakel


Value 25 €  - Bring a friend for free signing up before Friday 27th.

Treat yourself with kindness and your life will unfold in fabulous ways.

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for the simplicity, and effectiveness of the instructions provided by Rakel in every session. I find this breath practice really life-enhancing on various levels, and I’m looking forward to the next encounter.”  

– Daniela Asuaje, English Teacher

“I was really fascinated with your workshop and it stayed in my mind until today. It was a pleasure for me to be part of it. It got really deep.... The way of exploring my mind and my body was quite amazing.”

Sabina Vieider

“Rakel created a beautiful space for us to relax and dive deep into our souls. I felt completely safe and guided on my journey. She truly is an inspiration and does wonderful work!”    

– Coco Berlin, Sensuous Dance.

Take the time to relax, to free energy for your dreams.


“My body is SO much more in flow since my session with Rakel. Usually I start fighting with it as soon as I wake up in the morning, but I noticed right away that I can breathe much better and that my energy is flowing in a way that I have never experienced. I am so grateful!.” 

Jobina Bardai, Life Coach & Miracle Mentor

"I loved the session! You had all the care to take us by the hand smoothly, with mastery, with the precise comments that indicate that you know what you are doing and that the technique is proven."

Maria Magdalena Colmenares

“Yesterday was so powerful. It really moved things in me. I felt it so deeply. And was so centred and without the constant dialogue I have in my mind of late. I found great forgiveness for myself and others followed by so much gratitude for all I have and truly felt a oneness with the universe.”      

– Miriam Pettit, Teacher

Who is Rakel Sosa?

Rakel Sosa Women's Health Author, Stress Prevention Specialist.

    Rakel teaches multi-tasking women leader and change makers how to transform negative stress into their best creative fuel. They become fully present and able to enjoy all fronts –kids, partner, work, social life and hobbies– without burning out while trying. She uses her experience as a mother and as a war journalist (yes, there is some overlap!), combined with expertise as a certified stress management coach, breath-work healer and meditation teacher. Not to forget a special dash of latina party energy to keep things circulating. Having bridged the gap between sufferer to mentor, she helps women to move from chronically stressed overwhelmed and exhausted, to high performing, engaged, yet chilled out.

    Is there any other way worth living?

    Rakel Sosa is Certified with the National German Stress Prevention Coach diploma, specialized in Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Trainer, in Breathwork  trained by Master Healer David Elliott, and Meditation teacher in the Rajadhiraja tradition. She is the co-author of the pregnancy relaxation program Blooming Together, and collaborates in publications like Huffington Post and Inspirulina.  She also holds a master's degree  in Communication from La Sorbonne University and a degree in documentary filmmaking from UCLA.


    Value 25 €  - Bring a friend for free signing up before Friday 27th.

    If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, you can use the info below. And if it’s your first session please send me an email to confirming your bank transfer so I can send you the preparation info. Thank you!

    Rakel Sosa Mendez – Postbank – Hauptsraße 27-29 10827 Berlin-Germany
    IBAN:DE42 1001 0010 0858 5691 06  BIC PBNKDEFF

    Cancellation policy:

    -Please note that if you do not attend the session, you are anyway responsible for payment of the full amount.

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