• Do you often feel exhausted and with lack of motivation?
  • Are your pre-menstrual days a roller coaster emotional ride?
  • Did you just gave birth and are needing to revitalise your womb area?
  • Are you ready to tap into your most precious energy to keep creating the life that you want?

Connect with something bigger than you, that you are part of. 

Here's why you are going to love this meditation!

  • It allows you to balance those annoying mood changes, open your heart and sharpen your intuition.
  • It helps to create a direct access to the creative energy of your womb and use it to create the life that you want.
  • It helps gain clarity of purpose, feel whole and fulfilled.
  • It helps you refine your energy and make more authentic decisions.
  • It gives you confidence, and makes you feel ready for the challenge at hand.


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      Here's what is included!

      • An 18-minutes Pranayama Guided Breath-work Meditation Audio track.

        It will re-activate the energy of your womb.


      • Introduction to the Activation of the Womb

        A 5-minutes audio introduction that will set the bases so you can get the best of this meditation.

      Here's how it works!

      • The breathing is done mainly through the mouth. It brings large quantities of oxygen into your blood stream, and then into your pituitary and hypothalamus glands. The oxygen stimulates the glands to produce large amounts of endorphins that spread throughout the whole body via the blood stream.  This process brings vital fresh energy into the body, opening you up to experiencing yourself in a new way. The most important is that the breathing moves you quickly out of your head and connects you to your heart center. Once that happens you get in touch with your creative energy and you really start to thrive.

        Oh, and the good news: the Pranayama Yoga technique brings immediate results with no meditation experience required. Try it out. You have so much to gain.

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      Here's why you should trust me!

          I owe so much to this Activation of the Womb meditation. Since I created it years ago I have  been using it in cycles and it has reduced those mood changes during pre-menstrual period that used to drive me crazy, and has balanced my hormonal cycle. Many of my clients have reported increase in fertility, astonishing gain of confidence and capacity to recover from exhaustion faster than usual. Also and most important, a deeper knowledge and ability to connect to their feminine energy in very direct and potent way.

          Who am I?

          I teach multi-tasking working women how to transform negative stress into their best creative fuel. They become fully present and able to enjoy all fronts –kids, partner, work, social life and hobbies– without burning out while trying. I use my experience as a mother and as a war journalist (yes, there is some overlap!), combined with expertise as a certified stress management coach, breath-work healer and meditation teacher. Having bridged the gap between sufferer to healer, she helps women to move from chronically stressed overwhelmed and exhausted, to high performing, engaged, yet chilled out.

          Is there any other way worth living?

          Rakel Sosa is Certified with the National German Stress Prevention Coach diploma, specializes in Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Trainer, Breath-work instructor and Meditation teacher. She also holds a master's degree  in Communication from La Sorbonne University and a degree in documentary filmmaking from UCLA.


          Balance your emotions and access your most powerful creative energy.


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