You are a change maker, a leader,

at home, at work, or in your community.

A real powerhouse.

Still, there is that area of your life

where you are not confident...

where you lost clarity and are feeling

uncertain and insecure.


You are undecided if you should leave ...

your job,

that project,

that relationship,

that city,

those dating apps,

"that" situation.

Something in this life that you're living

feels off.


Somewhere in you

you are feeling so ready for change.


The thing is that you're no longer where you were,

but you're not yet where you want to be.

You are in a transition.

A transition to your next level in life.

It can feel so scary, so uncomfortable, so hard.

Yes, transitions can suck.

Especially when you go through them with no energy

and no support system.


I want to tell you a secret...

the amount of energy that you have available within

for this transition, will determine the amount of time

that you will stay stuck in that heavy, emotional place.

It can be a week, 3 months, or 3 years.

I know people that stayed there all their life.

Who decides that? You!


And yes I understand...

Looking for answers you may have tried a coach,

or even therapy.

And still something doesn't feel right.

You are full of doubts and don't know

how to move forward.


What can you do about it?


You can take things in hand and raise your energy levels,

physically, mentally and emotionally.

With high energy and the right mindset comes clarity,

confidence, a sense of fulfilment and very importantly,

the intuition to make the right decisions

and take massive action on them.


When you raise your energy you also see

an immediate improvement of your relationships.

You benefit from better quality moments with your children, partner,

family, co-workers and with your friends.

You also have better sleep, increased vitality

and higher libido - yes, feel sexy again!


Everything to gain, and nothing to lose!



The good news?

Even if this kind of stress in itself feels terrible,

it's just the way your body feels

when preparing you for a new challenge.

High levels of stress usually happen

when you are about to have a major breakthrough,

or move to the next phase level of your life.

Does this look familiar?

Like many women in a position of leadership, I used to be a victim of these stressful phases of transition, working as a journalist in conflict zones and social subjects. Feeling emotionally drained, physically tense or ill and mentally overwhelmed. Not knowing what decision to make in my personal life and feeling in a sort of limbo.


Feeling overwhelmed I decided to take a year  off and travel from Paris to LA to find myself again.  I met my partner on the way and a time after we decided to marry and have a baby.


When I got pregnant a fibroid in the uterus put my daughter's life at risk.That was the push that forced me to definitely change my approach to life, to stress and to transitions.

That catalyzed the creation of my own combination of tools -that I had learned in my youth during 6 years with a group of Indian monks in my country Venezuela, and that helped me transform the situation.

With these tools I reversed this terrible medical diagnosis.

I completed a healthy wonderful pregnancy with an easy natural birth.


I started to study more in depth how the energy of stress during tough transitions works. How to navigate it, ground with it and how to get turned on and change my hormonal system's dynamic. How to balance my  moods, increase clarity and sharpen my decision making skills. How to create my best projects from it.

What I found changed my life.

I am now committed to help you to change yours.

What does it include...

12 private sessions with meWe meet once a week in person or online to assess where you are at and create a plan for the week. Decide what you want to create and what impact you want to make. I share a pertinent breathing techniques that will help you have  breakthroughs. We shift your mindset, and get your energy moving to create momentum in the week to come.

❁ You learn breathing and relaxation techniques to deeply recover your body and calm your emotions so that you can sleep better. Well rested, you will less reactive and more patient. Focus more easily,  and gain peace of mind. 

We create a clear strategy, which includes developing important new habits that will help you reach the level of life you aspire to. New habits create new brain connections, new body chemistry and new energy.

With the help of breathwork we tap into the energy that is locked in your body, subconscious memories and old programming, and use it to create the projects and moves that you want −new relationships, career choices, travel, creative ventures, navigating breakups, re-invigorating relationships− anything you need it for.

We constantly bring clarity to your new goals so that you know where to direct your energy and efforts week by week. I am there cheering you on all the way. And yes, you have access to me through WhatsApp in between sessions. 



This is my truth...

★ I know that your crisis is a sign that you are ready for big expansion in your life.

★ I know that you have everything that you need in your body, mind and your breath to use the crisis to your advantage.

★ I know there is a force bigger than you and me that contains us, and creates, sustains and transforms all there is... We can use breathwork to enhance its flow and consciously co-create with it.

★ I know that science is slowly catching up with ancient knowledge, creating a revolution, with new protocols that promote physical and mental health. Allowing us to create our reality in ways we never thought possible before.

★ I know that accountability is one of the most important tools we have to help us evolve. So I will hold you accountable, call you out, and remind you of who you are every step of the way. You can reconnect with your life force and create what you came here for.

The Investment

€ 5.555 IN FULL + VAT



You can also go all in for the 6 month program and invest

€10.000 IN FULL + VAT




You can start with  a first individual discovery session for €150.

What people say about working with Rakel...

“My time working with Rakel was totally transformational in terms of helping me to deal with my triggers and emotions while meditating. The sweeping breath in particular is so essential to helping me calm down and release negative emotional energy, it's truly life changing and empowering.”  

– Elisa Goodkind, StyleLikeU

I have worked with Rakel during the summer of 2019 doing her 3 month programme while going through one of the toughest periods of my life.
My partner and I had decided to part ways and I was desperate for tools to navigate this emotionally turbulent time. For years I had undergone cycles of depression, deep seated frustration and lack of self-worth. I struggled with anger management issues, alcohol abuse and not seldomly carried all this into my relationships with my partner and children.
When I started her course, I was completely unable to deal with the intensity of my grief. Jealousy, bitter nostalgia, anger over unsolved arguments - in short, the entire spectrum of emotions to be expected from grieving a lost love were weighing heavy on me. Rakel's hands-on approach immediately had a positive impact though. I practiced the techniques she taught me every day - at work, at home, where ever I was, particularly when waves of emotions washed over me or I felt depressed. This not only helped to feel better in the moment - and believe me, it feels amazing - but also laid the ground stone for bigger realizations to come. With her guidance and the practice I developed with her help I was able to re-connect with myself at the deepest levels, discover my energy and vulnerability and have an actual spiritual awakening. Yes, I have walked this path, step by step, peak to valley, but I cannot imagine I would have ended up in the place I am in now without her help.
Rakel is a wonderful mentor. Her own personal experiences are tightly woven-in with a grounding in science and her years-long professional practice. The approach she takes is pragmatic and guided by the situation at hand, giving space to, and addressing my needs as they arose. The way she introduced breathing and meditation to me catered to the person I am allowing me to engage with ideas I might previously have been dismissive or ignorant of.
I can not express the gratitude I feel for her guidance in this time of personal growth, and I am proud to have taken that step. It already feels like a much bigger investment than anticipated.

K.G, Engineer

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for the simplicity, and effectiveness of the instructions provided by Rakel in every session. I find this breath practice really life-enhancing on various levels, and I’m looking forward to the next encounter.”  

– Daniela Asuaje, English Teacher

Working with Rakel was a life-changing experience. She helped me navigate the transitions and challenges I was going through in my personal life, in my relationship, and at work.

Rakel gave me tools to better manage the crises, to shift the overwhelming stress I was feeling into fuel for my new projects. Also thanks to the breathing techniques I learned with her how to sleep better and my hormonal system got into balance. For my life and also for my marriage, working with her was a bliss. We have never been so well as a couple than after working with Rakel.

K.S, Manager

“Rakel created a beautiful space for us to relax and dive deep into our souls. I felt completely safe and guided on my journey. She truly is an inspiration and does wonderful work!”    

– Coco Berlin, Sensuous Dance.

I met Rakel in one of the hardest periods of my life. In the middle of a lot of confusion and going through a lot of trouble with my partner. With Rakel's breathing techniques and mindset tools I gained a whole new perspective of my situation,  and clarity on the steps I needed to take to fix and transform what wasn't working in my relationship. I also learned to gather and balance my energy and use it for what really matters in my life, what helped me to reduce my levels of stress. Thanks to the work I did with Rakel I feel much more confident and in harmony with my partner and my life.

T.S, Consultant

Rakel’s coaching was recommended to me via a friend whom I will be forever thankful as it has completely changed my life. The continuous breathwork (with Rakel during the session and work at home) has been so effective. It helped me reach new milestones in my life and to work towards my biggest dreams. During the first coaching cycle I found  my partner and landed a new job. Besides the breath work and other meditation techniques Rakel constantly asks the right questions and gives so many valuable tips for private and professional life. A coaching with her is perfect if you are ready to change things in your life.

A.S., Brand Manager
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“My body is SO much more in flow since my session with Rakel. Usually I start fighting with it as soon as I wake up in the morning, but I noticed right away that I can breathe much better and that my energy is flowing in a way that I have never experienced. I am so grateful!.” 

Jobina Bardai, Life Coach & Miracle Mentor

“Yesterday was so powerful. It really moved things in me. I felt it so deeply. And was so centred and without the constant dialogue I have in my mind of late. I found great forgiveness for myself and others followed by so much gratitude for all I have and truly felt a oneness with the universe.”      

– Miriam Pettit, Teacher

Who is Rakel Sosa?

Rakel Sosa Women's Health Author, Stress Prevention Specialist.

    Rakel teaches multi-tasking working women how to transform negative stress into their best creative fuel. They become fully present and able to enjoy all fronts –kids, partner, work, social life and hobbies– without burning out while trying. She uses her experience as a mother and as a war journalist (yes, there is some overlap!), combined with expertise as a certified stress management coach, breath-work healer and meditation teacher. Not to forget a special dash of latina party energy to keep things circulating. Having bridged the gap herself, she helps women to move from chronically stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted, to high performing, engaged, and joyous.

    Is there any other way more worth living?

    Rakel Sosa is Certified with a National German Stress Prevention Coach diploma, specialized in Progressive Muscle Relaxation and women and children stress prevention. She has been trained as a breathwork instructor by David Elliott and in Meditation by the Rajadhiraja yoga tradition. She is the co-author of the pregnancy relaxation program Blooming Together, and collaborates in publications like Huffington Post and Inspirulina.  She worked as an international journalist for more than 10 years covering conflict zones, political and social subjects. Holds a master's degree  in Communication from La Sorbonne University and a degree in documentary filmmaking from UCLA.

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