Pregnancy is a bliss,

a miracle

one of the biggest human creative endeavors.

It can also awaken our deepest fears,

push us into the unknown

and at every level

take us into places

we never expected to be.

It becomes essential

to create a space to ground

connect with yourself, with your power

and nourish your inner calm and intuition.

This is what

the Blooming Meditation is all about.

Because being pregnant is also...

Disorienting... to feel and see how your body is going through all kinds of unexpected changes. realise that there is a new human that depends on you, physically, financially, emotionally; in all ways possible.

Exhausting... to have your body use its internal resources to achieve the monumental task of creating a human life!

Unsettling... Your mood changes can drive you mad, feeling blissed for being pregnant and then insecure, and then sad, then excited again, and some times all at once!

Overwhelming... So many other people in your life giving you advice on how to navigate your pregnancy, and you not knowing who to listen, what to follow, what is the right way.

Find your blooming spot... your place of inner calm.

When I got pregnant with my daughter 10 years ago... I was diagnosed with a fibroid with a 7cm diameter in the uterus. The doctor announced that I would have a very painful pregnancy -laying down for 7 months because of the pain- and a risky cesarean. They predicted the fibroid would grow the size of my daughter.

...I was devastated.

That evening, crying in my bed, I suddenly realised that what the doctor had said was not the only option. It was just one way of living this story out, but not the one I was going to choose.

I had been meditating for more than 15 years. So I decided to put together a few meditations and breathing practices with the intention of changing the prognoses to have the pregnancy and birth that I wanted. I practiced daily. I focused, breathed, took care of myself and visualised the reality that I wanted.

15 days later I was without pain and up walking again. The rest of my pregnancy I spent it dancing, hiking, swimming and with no pain or bother of any kind. In the end, the fibroid didn't grow and I had a beautiful, natural birth. The doctor couldn't believe it. He shared that  he had never before seen anything of this kind.

After having seen what I could do with a clear intention, uplifted emotions, the right breathing,  and meditation tools, I set myself up to share my life changing findings with other women. And to help them raise their energy and find their inner resources to have the pregnancy and life they want. I left my successful career as journalist in conflict zones and decided to learn and teach these in-depth practices more and more.

This Blooming Meditation is part of that intention. I know you and your baby will benefit and enjoy this process.


Get to know yourself in a whole new way. 


Trust your body to birth...


Connect with your internal source of balance.


Find your new rhythm for motherhood.




    Here's why you will love the Blooming Meditation!

    • Balances your nervous system

      It allows you to slow down your brain waves and calm your mind, so you can reduce anxiety and fear of the unknown.

    • Balances your breathing rhythm

      How you are breathing determines how you are feeling. Breathing optimally balances your body, mind and emotions. By creating a even breathing pattern and training your body to do it at your comand, you are increasing your chances to produce relaxing hormones. A skill that will be crucial for increasing the possibilities of a smooth birth.

    • Boosts your self-confidence

      It helps you to build self-confidence so you trust your intuition and make the decisions that are right for you.

    • Gets your happy hormones flowing

      It helps you release oxytocin and other happy hormones so that you can create a happy environment for you baby in your womb.

    • Boosts your mood.

      It uplifts and balances your mood and energy, and enhances your capacity to be tender and loving with yourself.

    The Blooming Meditation will...


    Create a space for you to ground.


    Bring you an immediate calming effect even if you have very little experience meditating.


    Stimulate you to practice daily, even if meditation is boring for you.


      To help you boost your self-confidence and gain your power back; to refine your inner compass and your capacity to experience your pregnancy  in the happiest and most nourishing way possible.

      Pregnancy sets the tone for motherhood.

      No matter your situation, find your inner rhythm, your inner space and the rest will unfold with a new kind of ease. 


      What better moment to develop a meditation practice than while pregnant. Your baby will benefit so much from it. 


      Who am I?

      I teach multi-tasking working women how to transform negative stress into their best creative fuel. They become fully present and able to enjoy all fronts –kids, partner, work, social life and hobbies– without burning out while trying. I use my experience as a mother and as a war journalist (yes, there is some overlap!), combined with expertise as a certified stress management coach, breath-work healer and meditation teacher. Having bridged the gap between sufferer to healer, I help women to move from chronically stressed overwhelmed and exhausted, to high performing, engaged, yet chilled out.

      Is there any other way worth living?

      Rakel Sosa is Certified with the National German Stress Prevention Coach diploma, specializes in Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Trainer, Breath-work instructor and Meditation teacher. She also holds a master's degree  in Communication from La Sorbonne University and a degree in documentary filmmaking from UCLA.

      Here's what is included as a bonus!

      Blooming Together is a pregnancy program that relieves stress, brings calm, and creates the space for you to bond with your baby, in these most important 9 months of your life. The meditations in this program are easy to do and include information about the baby's development week by week. So not only are you relaxing, and creating happy hormones, but you are also aware of how you and your baby's body are developing every week of the pregnancy.

      Only Blooming Together alone is worth the investment. Check it out...


      What's inside Blooming Together...

      • First Trimester of Pregnancy

        What to expect in the first trimester/ Guided deep relaxation for the first trimester / 8 Short meditations for week 6 to 13 of pregnancy / Exercise coming to the present moment / Affirmations for each week of the first trimester.

      • Second Trimester of Pregnancy

        What to expect in the second trimester / Deep relaxation for the second trimester/ Short meditations for each week from week 14 to week 27 / Exercise to release fear / Uplifting affirmations for each week of the second trimester.

      • Third Trimester of Pregnancy

        What to expect in the third trimester / Guided deep relaxation for the third trimester/ Short meditations for each week from week 28 to week 40 / Affirmations for every week of the third trimester.

      • Fourth Trimester

        Visualisations and tips for every phase of birth / Visualisation for birthing partner and ways to get involved /Visualisation to rest deeply and recharge after the birth / Affirmations for breast feeding / Birth plan sample / Perineal massage / When the baby arrives / The hospital bag.

      • Blooming Together Hard Cover Book

        The book includes a diary to write your experiences every week of the pregnancy / Beautiful illustrations explaining the parts of the baby growing during each trimester / Images of the birth postures.


      You and your baby will gain so much. 


      Get started today - here is what you get:

      • Introduction video explaining how this meditation works and how to do it.
      • The 15 minutes audio Blooming Meditation.
      • The Blooming Together Pregnancy Program.
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